Get Daily Bitcoin Payouts as per your Stake in the MCAP Ecosystem

Connect Your MCAP & BTC Address

MCAP Labs has bought 100 Petahash of hashing power of Bitcoin’s Network. Daily payouts will be issued to all the MCAP holders in proportion to their MCAP holding.

In order to create complete transparency you can monitor the daily total mining output at:


New Staking Address:


How Does it Work
  • Map & Verify your MCAP address with your BTC address
  • You will be issued daily payouts
  • Daily Payouts are issued from the Total Mining Output generated from our combined 100 Petahash mining power
For example,
  • Total Supply of MCAP : 100 million
  • Your verified MCAP address has 1,00,000 MCAPs
  • Today’s Total Mining Output : 20BTC
  • Your Share : 0.1% of 20BTC = 0.02BTC for today

Connect your MCAP & BTC Address Now

Disclaimer: After clicking submit you will be asked to verify the stated MCAP(ETH) address by sending a small amount of 1MCAP from the ETH address that you declared above. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally associate an incorrect MCAP address.

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